Special Scholarships Program



This event page contains a variety of service, involvement, and leadership opportunities for students in Prince George's Community College's Special Scholarships Program. The goal of these hours is to provide students with critical knowledge, professional growth (resume skills!), and a community of peers that will help them thrive as a student and as a person.

Earning your hours. We update this site when we learn of new opportunities. All opportunities listed on GivePulse will count.

  • Attend two mandatory Scholarship Night events per semester. To complete the remainder of your 15 hours, participate in any activities and events offered at PGCC or in your community that contributes to your personal or professional growth.
  • You cannot count paid work experience as part of this requirement.

Logging your hours. Using your GivePulse account, you will RSVP for events and log your hours. Log your hours as you attend events/activities throughout the semester.

  • If you RSVP in advance for an event on GivePulse: You will receive an automated email after the event. Follow instructions to “record your impact.”
  • If you did not RSVP in advance or if your event was not on GivePulse: Fill out the form found at this link (or click the green Add Impact button). Input the date, number of hours, and a description of the event in the Review Section. Do not fill out any other fields.
  • At any time, you can login into your GivePulse account and check your hours log.
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