WideAwake.org finds and partners with trustworthy grassroots organizations that make a difference in their communities. We feature these Affiliate organizations on our website, where people can discover, connect with, and support their efforts.

We only work with grassroots organizations that are small enough to do more with less, in places where even small donations can have a large impact, and that demonstrate high ethical standards in all their activities. That means that our donors can be sure that their gifts will have a significant impact on the lives of people in troubled places all over the world. Plus, every donor receives a thank you and follow-up video from the Affiliate organizations they support! No one on WideAwake.org's board, management team or staff is compensated in any way, so we are always looking for new people to join our volunteer army of supporters! Thanks to our extremely low overhead we can make the unique promise to our donors that Every Penny of every donation will reach it's intended beneficiary, and we never take a fee or deduction from a donation to cover our own costs.

Mission: WideAwake.org connects caring individuals to grassroots charities across the developing world.
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