In-Sync Exotics, Inc.



We are a wildlife sanctuary, providing a permanent home to over 35 exotic cats, including tigers, cougars, lions, leopards, lynx, bobcats and servals. Our animals have been rescued and placed with us by various agencies and individuals, and many of them came to us with serious health conditions. We work closely with our veterinarian to return them to health, and give them a safe haven for the rest of their lives. We are not an entertainment facility, nor do we breed, buy, sell or trade our cats.

In addition to providing a loving home to our cats, we also seek to educate the public about the care and protection of exotic cats everywhere, and support legislation that outlaws poaching, abuse, and uncontrolled breeding of exotic cats.

Mission: To provide a caring, safe haven to some of God's most beautiful creatures. We put their needs above all else; the old, the maimed, the unwanted can find sanctuary here.
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