Daddy Restoration



We have organized Daddy Restoration as a non-profit corporation in the state of Texas in order to help draw attention to and tackle the systemic problem of fatherlessness in our city and state, our country and the world. We are working to challenge fathers to change their own lives, then involve or re-involve themselves in the lives of their children.

The lack of an involved father has had an extremely detrimental effect on children emotionally, socially and economically. Our goal is to see fathers develop an increased sense of responsibility and a renewed desire to nurture their children emotionally and support them financially. We plan to provide transportation, counseling, and emotional support for the fathers, mothers and children involved in our programs.

We have started our work in Austin, TX. After we establish our base here, we plan to broaden our effort to include the rest of the state of Texas, then the whole of the USA, then the world. Our great faith in the importance of our work, our strong belief in our calling to complete it, and our several burgeoning media components will allow us to reach wayward fathers wherever they are.

Mission: The concept of restoring fathers to a proper place of love, responsibility and nurturing is a huge task. It will require the efforts of many groups and individuals over many years, in order for sizable change to be wrought in our society. Daddy Restoration is committed to be part of this change effort.
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