TEAMability, Inc.



On so many levels, the very existence of TEAMability and the TEAMability Learning Center (TLC) embodies open doors:

We empower the severely, multiply disabled children whom we serve to discover their sense of self-actualization and to become participants in the worlds of family and community around them.For their parents, we reduce the feelings of helplessness and isolation as we strive to embolden them to reclaim their roles as their child’s champions/teachers/advocates.For the professionals who work with this population, we expand their horizons regarding every child’s potential to learn and advance.

One of our children, 11 year-old Robbie, has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, developmental delays, and is totally blind. When he first came to TEAMability, Inc., he would move around by "scooting" on the floor and had no form of communication. Three years later, he walks with a sighted guide, is able to request preferences (tell someone he wants more), and indicate choices!

Mission: We strive to discover and unlock potential, change expectations and elevate the value of children with severe multiple disabilities.
9 People | 1 Impact | 15 Hours