Boysville, Inc.



Our campus is designed to help children in crisis who cannot remain in their own home for a variety of reasons. Our children come from homes that are in crisis, due to emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Sometimes, a parent cannot take care of the child due to a terminal illness and do not have the support of family to take care of the children.

Children who come to Boysville come from various backgrounds. Boysville does not look at the child's past...we look at their future. By providing food, shelter, and clothing, and medical services, we are able to provide the basic necessities needed to make the child feel safe and comfortable at Boysville. Our residents do not wonder if they will eat at night or if they will have a safe place to sleep. With our education services, our children realize their potential. We encourage education. We encourage them to explore college, trade or military options. Options that previously seemed like a dream. We are able to pull children out of abuse cycles or poverty cycles and teach them to become an active part of society.

Mission: "Provide a safe family environment for children in need so they may become responsible adults."
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