DaisyCares provides assistance and outreach through two programs - the DaisyCares Pet Food Program and the DaisyCares Veterinary Care Program.DaisyCares has created the DaisyCares Pet Food Program to provide pet food to needy families so that they can keep their pets. DaisyCares currently has pet food programs with the San Antonio Food Bank in San Antonio, Texas, and the Westside Food Bank in Santa Monica, California, and has plans to expand to other cities. The DaisyCares Pet Food Program provides pet food to families through food bank and/or food pantry partners already providing emergency food assistance to families and individuals in need. DaisyCares will work with local retail stores and with pet food manufactures to obtain donations of pet food and products for distribution.

The DaisyCares Veterinary Care Program was created to help needy pet owners and rescue groups with the cost of veterinary care (subject to availability of funds). Today, more than ever, pet owners are faced with economic hardship, and too often do not have the resources to pay for veterinary care for their pets. DaisyCares strives to save pets’ lives by way of grants to vets on behalf of qualifying pet owners and/or rescue groups. DaisyCares has a limited monthly grant capacity, and welcomes your financial support to help serve as many applicants as possible.

Mission: DaisyCares is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to provide pet food and medical care to needy pets by providing assistance to their owners. DaisyCares recognizes that when economic hardship falls upon people, the cost of caring for a pet may be prohibitve. During these difficult times, pet owners need the love and support of their pet more than ever. The promise of DaisyCares is to save pets' lives and keep pets with their family.
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