Sapphire Butterflies Organization



"The Sapphire Butterflies" is an organization created for young girls and boys by mothers. We are committed to being culturally sensitive, as we address the issues related to low self-esteem, abusiveness, and self image some of us may have experienced. Through prayer, community involvement, and various events the organization have, Sapphire Butterflies Organization strive to offer young girls and boys, ages 10- 16, of all race, creed, and color the opportunity to make a positive choice based on facts and a strong sense of GOD and self. We have been incorporated since November 2007and been in operation since August of 2001 actively working in selected elementary and middle schools in the Alief School district.

Mission: The broader mission and vision of The Sapphire Butterflies Organization is to act as a voice for young girls and young boys of all race, creed, and color that may have been or is in an at-risk-situation in their lives, have low self-esteem, or just need to a place to learn how to over-come the obstacles in their way through the world of the Arts. Here, each young girl or boy can express themselves through song, theatre, dance, fashion, etc. We are here to help them find purpose within themselves. We also want to help build a Christian mother-hood among the organization and society for the young girls' and boys' personal growth. This part of the Sapphire Butterflies will be dedicated to the young girls' and boys and will be name "The Sapphire Hummingbirds" for the girls and The Sapphire Dragonflies for the young boys.
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