Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance-Greater Houston



Mental health disorders affect millions of Americans each year. 740,000 children and adults live with mental illness in Harris County (Mental Health Needs Council, Inc. (MHNC), 2009). Depression and bipolar disorder, collectively known as "mood disorders", are the two most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses. Like other mental illnesses, depression and bipolar disorder transcend sex, age, gender, socio-economic status and ethnicity.

To meet this unmet need, DBSA sponsors over 70 weekly support groups in the Houston metropolitan area, and each group is led by a facilitator trained by DBSA. The majority of groups are public, non-exclusive, and based on the participants’ proximity to the support group’s location. Since the end of 2008, DBSA has worked to open groups targeting unique populations including veterans, adolescents, young adults, senior citizens and Spanish-speaking individuals.

Mission: DBSA Greater Houston provides free support groups that help people manage depression or bipolar disorder, and their loved ones to better understand these two difficult, yet treatable, mental illnesses.
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