Comp-U-Dopt, Inc.



Comp-U-Dopt accepts donations of complete computers (computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse) with hard drives and Pentium II processors or higher. The hard drives are wiped to DoD standards; the computer is never booted on the original operating system. Edubuntu, a special education version of the ubuntu release of Linux is loaded on the machines, which includes Open Office and various educational games.

Houston area children in elementary school (grades 3-5) and junior high school (grades 6-8) may apply to receive a computer by filling out the application form available at This application requires writing a short description of why the child wants a computer, and what he/she intends to do with it. Children are selected by area on a first come, first served basis.

To receive a computer, the child and a parent/guardian must attend a 2-hour "adoption session", where the child will learn basic operation of the computer. At the end of the session, the child must write a thank-you note, which is sent by Comp-U-Dopt to the computer donor. Additional optional classes are available to learn more advanced skills.

Mission: Comp-U-Dopt has as its mission three related goals:
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