Halos of Pearls Community Sorority



The Halos of Pearls Professional Women Community Sorority is committed to participate in community service and philanthropic efforts.

Our organization will help support Sapphire International School of Performing Arts/Sapphire Butterflies Organization and Susan B. Komen's Breast Cancer awareness. We will also adopt a local park and work together to empower our community in which we live and our lives.

Mission: Our mission statement is to be a Beacon Light to others and to help promote cultural education, foster personal development with those of similar purposes and ideals. We are commitment to a lifelong dedication to one another and help develop a sisterhood that will help each one of us overcome any negative obstacles that may come our way. We will always help each other by lifting our members up in prayer and encouraging each other with positive words through good times and even during the difficult times. We will stand on the every word in Proverbs 31; for we are the Virtuous women GOD intends for us to be. Our mission is also to network with each member and help each one of us to build our businesses together. The Halos of Pearls is an organization to build each other up and not tear anyone down. We are here to build trust and respect among us and work hand in hand with our in our community.
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