S.E.M. Health and Wellness, Inc



In 1977, my mother, Susie Evelyn Mungin died at the early age of 45 due to Lymphoma, a form of cancer that begins in the lymphatic cells of the immune system and presents as a solid tumor of lymphoid cells. Prior to that, I lost my uncle who battled with hypertension and suddenly died of a massive heart attack. Two years after the death of my mother, my grandmother succumbed to complications caused by a stroke.

My remaining family members (seven brothers and sisters, and cousins, aunts and uncle) are at a high risk for heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Practically all are on some type of medication, however, proper diet, exercise, and health education are not being sufficiently addressed.

Its practical then that we would start a health and wellness organization in honor of Susie Evelyn Mungin, hence the name S. E. M. Health and Wellness, Inc., and our other late relatives. Effective March 2010, we received our 501 (c) (3) approval and have since set out to promote health and wellness for all who are in health risk categories and those desiring to initiate preventive measures now in the interests of staying healthy, warding off sickness and diseases, and living longer

Mission: The mission S.E.M. Health and Wellness, Inc is to introduce, promote, and administer new and innovative health and wellness programs in the interest of eradicating diseases, eliminating disparities, and increasing longevity of life. In essence, we pledge to apply a holistic approach to improving health status across Texas, throughout the United States, and globally.
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