Youth Business America, Inc



Find:We will find young entrepreneurs with the brightest minds and the best ideas. Many of these individuals come to us through our Community Partners but can apply directly to Youth Business America if they think they may be a good fit for the program.

Fund:An expert Selection Panel will choose the most promising businesses meeting our program's criteria that we will fund with affordable loans payable over three years to start or expand their businesses.

Mentor:Each business we fund will work for a minimum of two years with a one-on-one Business Mentor to help the Young Entrepreneur meet the challenge of scaling their business during this critical stage with the support of Expert Mentors to help accelerate healthy business growth.

Mission: The Mission of Youth Business America is to champion youth enterprise by growing a national network that provides young people from underserved economic backgrounds, who otherwise would lack access to capital, with loans and business mentors to help them launch and grow successful businesses.
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