Playworks is a fast growing national nonprofit that provides safe, healthy play and physical activity to low-income schools, helping create a positive environment for improved learning and teaching and reduced bullying and teasing. Our organization is in a rapid growth mode expanding from 170 schools to over 500 schools. Playworks maximizes the value of recess, making play a part of every day ultimately transforming the learning environment for hundreds of schools across the country. We put trained adults on the playground to introduce classic games that are disappearing from schoolyards, like kickball and four-square, as well as new games designed to build leadership and foster teamwork. When Playworks partners with a school, kids are more physically active and they return to class focused and ready learn so the whole school day goes better. Playworks' track record of success across the country has attracted multi-million dollar investments from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AmeriCorps and private philanthropists.

Mission: To improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play. Playworks is currently located in Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angelas, Metro Boston, New Orleans, Newark, Oakland & East Bay, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Sillicon Valley, Twin Cities, & Washington, D.C.
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