Prevention International: No Cervical Cancer (PINCC)



PINCC takes a mobile gynecology clinic with a volunteer staff of doctors, nurses and non-medical people to rural and underserved areas in Central America and Africa. We provide sensitive, culturally integrated education, in their own language, to both patients and health care workers. We use a one-visit, see-and-treat method to find and treat precancerous growths (dysplasia)on the cervix. We train the local medical personnel in our method. We return every six months to each site, to follow up treated women and continue the training of health workers, until the clinic is self-sufficient, donating the needed equipment. Local agencies provide interpreters, drivers, and assistants. Because we are a mobile clinic, we can reach areas that stationary programs cannot. Women frequently walk many hours to be seen, and we are able to treat them in one visit with a 90% or better assurance of cure. Our protocol was developed by the Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention, and is promoted by the World Health Organization. It has been proven both more effective and affordable, and avoids the problems of expense, poor results, and loss to follow-up of Pap-based systems.
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