ACCESS Women's Health Justice



Through a combination of the Healthline, policy advocacy, and community action, ACCESS programs ensure women in California can find, demand, and obtain the services they need. ACCESS encounters the complex realities of women's reproductive lives through our Healthline, translates those lived experiences into our priority policy campaigns, and actively engages and builds the power of California's low-income women as leaders for positive change in their communities.

Our toll-free English and Spanish Healthlines provide information, referrals, peer counseling and advocacy on abortion, prenatal care, birth control, gyn care and more. We help women navigate safety net programs to pay for care and when women are in need of housing, food or transportation to ensure timely access to abortion care, we connect them to a network of volunteers who can provide this support or to funds when volunteer resources are unavailable.

Through community action, we train the next generation of reproductive justice leaders as volunteers who provide logistical support to women seeking abortion care, as Healthline patient advocates, as spokespeople, and as long-term activists for reproductive justice.

Mission: ACCESS removes barriers to sexual and reproductive health care and builds the power of California women and girls to demand health, justice and dignity.
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