Time To Get Smarter



We feel the best way to solve a systemic problem like global warming/pollution/poisoning is with an equally systemic solution. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other solution out there which even addresses, let alone effectively addresses the perfect storm we're facing of global greenhouse gas, agricultural, radioactive, heavy metal and carcinogenic, mutagenic, endocrine-disrupting and untested chemical pollution of our air, water, soil, food and bodies.

Our solution summarized - Make pollution's irresponsible experiment and huge, unacknowledged tax on society, the environment and our children clear and visible with True Cost-Pollution Prevention taxes so by reducing their pollution and ecological footprint and thereby their taxes, a business becomes more profitable and competitive than by continuing to pollute.

Our lead-off petition, to be launched Labor Day, calls for a Green Recovery and Green America and uses our recession as an opportunity to start implementing this solution. Also known as pricing that tells the truth, our solution not only makes ever Cleaner and Safer underprice and replaceDirty and Dangerous, but it also recycles these taxes back to the public --- to cushion against initially higher prices and to accelerate the resulting boom in green jobs.

By everyone making and saving money by making, selling, using and buying constantly eco-friendlier/less expensive goods and services, we'll also be helping to save civilization. How cool is that?

The bottom line is pricing that combines reality and the most powerful emotional and economic incentives of all, protecting our children and making a profit, now socially and environmentally responsible, all in the context of a more socially just Smarter Capitalism -- this is the game changer America needs to recover, reinvent our economy and society and do our part to help clean up our world and create a sustainable civilization.

Please visit TimeToGetSmarter.org for a more complete description of all of these areas. Note though that all of this is a work in progress. We want to add more principles to Smarter Capitalism as well as pages and proposals for Smarter Agriculture, Smarter Manufacturing, Smarter Transportation, Smarter Construction, Housing and Remodeling, Smarter Land Policy, Smarter Population Policy, Smarter Democracy etc. --- all additional and great opportunities for you to contribute your energy and ideas!

Mission: Our primary mission is to promote a socially more just, ecologically more long term realistic and hence more sustainable version of our current economic model. We call it Smarter Capitalism and are using a series of online petitions to Obama and Congress to call for and begin the grassroots pressure for its implementation. Our secondary mission is to promote a unifying and urgency- creating slogan/rallying cry for the environmental, social and climate justice movement -- The Human Race for a Healthy Planet.
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