German Shepherd Rescue and Resource Center



Vision Statement

In 2009, the leadership of the German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center created the following vision for our organization focusing on the welfare of German Shepherd Dogs in the New England region:


We will be the primary organization in New England for placing German Shepherd Dogs in qualified adoptive homes. We will be the best resource to keep German Shepherds in their homes who are in danger of losing those homes. We will be the preferred and most trusted source for breed- specific information about the health, behavior and training of German Shepherd Dogs. We will take a leading role in initiating regional humane programs to eliminate pain and suffering, and enhance the quality of life for German Shepherd Dogs. We will provide a low cost spay and neutering program to all owners of German Shepherd Dogs who need it.


We currently have and always will have a Board of Directors that is diverse and brings a wide range of skills, capabilities, experiences and assets to our organization. We currently have and always will have the best qualified volunteers and staff to provide the services people and German Shepherd Dogs need. Everyone who is currently associated with and who will be associated with our organization is and will be passionately devoted to our mission.


As a result of our strategic focus and hard work, we will be highly effective and efficient, with our goal to be the model for other German Shepherd Rescue organizations. We will build and operate a quality rescue and resource center providing complete care for homeless German Shepherds until adopted. Our operations will be self-supporting based on traditional sources of revenue and our growth and expansion based on transformational, philanthropic dollars.

We will have all of the resources necessary to do what is required to ensure the well-being of German Shepherd Dogs in need. Our reach will be broad enough that we positively impact even those German Shepherd Dogs with which we do not have direct contact. We envision a New England where every German Shepherd has a loving home.

Strategic Plan

German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center, Inc. has defined a Strategic Plan with three Phases and supporting goals to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision. Phase 1: Lets Get Started The goals of Phase 1 are designed to build a solid foundation for the organization. Phase 1 begins the day the web site is launched. These goals are: . 1. Recruit Volunteers and Members We will launch the recruitment drives and find volunteers and members with energy, ideas and a passion for German Shepherd Dogs. 2. Start the Fundraising Machine We will develop a fundraising team, and attend and sponsor events and fundraising drives. 3. Prepare for Intake and Launch of the Rehome Program Raise enough funds and recruit and train enough volunteers, including foster homes, to handle three worst case German Shepherd Dog scenarios. Whats a worst case scenario, you ask? We think it is an adult German Shepherd Dog that is untrained, not neutered or spayed, in need of a hip replacement that is also CRANKY! I can't think of a GSD more worst case than that, can you? 4. Build up the Programs We will staff the programs with volunteers who will develop them, build strength into them, provide substance for them and advance them to meet GSRRCs mission. The initial set of programs include but are not limited to: The GSR&RC Placement Partner Program Partner with New England Shelters, ACOs and animal welfare organizations to promote the German Shepherd Dogs in their care to help them find the dog a Forever home. The GSR&RC "Keep the GSD Home" Program Provide resources and referrals for those German Shepherd Owners keep their pets who feel they must relinquish them due to financial, behavioral, medical or other reasons. The GSR&RC Humane Education ProgramWe designed the Humane Education program to provide German Shepherd owners with the resources to:

Help in solving behavioral problems in order to prevent owner relinquishment Provide the proper level of care for our German ShepherdsUnderstand the consequences of irresponsible behavior toward German Shepherd DogsLive with respect for and compassion towards German Shepherd Dogs, the earth and all creatures

We estimate Phase 1 to be 12 to 18 months from date of launch. Phase 2: Go Get the GSDs At the end of Phase 1 we will have enough trained volunteers and funds to start the virtual rescue and focus on the Capital Campaign. The goals for Phase 2 are: 1. Launch the Rehome Program We will take in at least one dog per month to start. We will continue to recruit and train Foster homes, partner with Shelters and ACOs, and partner with Kennels throughout all phases. 2. Launch the Capital Campaign The Capital Campaign is tool that will build our brick and mortar facility. This facility will enable us to meet the ultimate goal of no more homeless GSDs in New England. In this phase, we will recruit committed volunteers who are in it for the long haul for the Committee. These volunteers will define what we want, how we are going to get it and launch the campaign. We estimate the duration of Phase 2 to be 5 years from the end of Phase 1. Phase 3: Its all about the Dogs!

Virtual becomes brick and mortar! We will open the doors to the German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center facility!

Even with public education and individual family support services, we realize that there will always be a need for some preventative and active rescue services for German Shepherd Dogs. Some GSDs will find themselves without a home through no fault of the family or GSD. The need for German Shepherd Dog Rescues will never disappear completely, but will hopefully decrease due to our efforts.

We will continue to develop our existing programs and also launch new ones to reflect the ever changing needs of the community.

Phase 3 will continue as long as there are German Shepherd Dogs in New England that need to be rescued.

Mission: Mission Statement The mission of the German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center, Incorporated is to serve, protect and promote the well being of German Shepherds in the New England Region.
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