Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust, Inc.



The Land Conservation and Advocacy Trust provides emergency funding and legal support to preserve open spaces and natural resources, and promotes smart-growth ideals that foster land conservation. We work closely with land trusts, other stewardship organizations, and on our own initiative so that we can act quickly when local resources are not available to preserve important land parcels. The LCA Trust believes that land conservation, preservation and use of smart-growth principles are the most effective ways to safeguard wildlife habitat, scenic views, wetlands, sensitive watershed parcels, forests, greenways, and other valuable open spaces from development and loss.

LCA Trust assets will be disbursed in order to:

Preserve and/or restore open spaces, natural areas and their resources.Promote smart-growth ideals which aid in conservation efforts.Protect flood plains, wetlands and waterways.Preserve land for scenic/aesthetic value and recreational use; wildlife habitats, corridors and greenways; and fragile ecosystems.Protect and preserve historic buildings, sites, structures and other architecture.Protect lands that being used for farming or pasture so that such uses can continue.Enhance access to public lands and promote the integration of public lands into living communities.Utilize undeveloped urban land for spatial definition of urban areasContain the threat of urban and suburban sprawl.

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