M.O.E.R. (Making Our Environment Right)



The M.O.E.R. (Making Our Envirnoment Right)'s focus is to address critical issues that affect the well being of all communities. Further, we acknowledge and accept the fact that violent crime amongst young people has become a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY. Our objective is to address this pandemic in a constructive and life enhancing way. We will seek alternative approaches to enable young people to make positive life choices through self perception. This self awareness is as defined in the context generational awareness and re-evaluation of self as an extension of community growth. The self defined aware young person will be shown that success is achieved through a cooperative community effort and failure is found in selfish actions. The M.O.E.R. (Making Our Envirnoment Right) wishes to contribute to the resolution of this national delimea as a facilitator of constructive change through the re-construction of the change agent- the young people.

Mission: Of primary importance to the M.O.E.R. (Making Our Envirnoment Right) Inc., is ensuring that we, as a global community, can learn to live with, by and for each other. The mission of the MOER Foundation, Inc. is to identify and create economic opportunities, education and social support to individuals and families for the enrichment of the global community. The principal motivation of the M.O.E.R. (Making Our Envirnoment Right) Inc., is to ensure that our global community's safety and security are a result of respect, cooperation, and an enhanced acceptance that we are one Family.
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