Maine Mental Health Connections



Maine Mental Health Connections is the umbrella for many programs, including: Together Place Social Club: Together Place Social Club offers a variety of social, recreational, peer support & personal growth opportunities for adults who are mental health/developmental disability service / substance abuse consumers. The goal of TPSC is to provide a consumer-run, community-based social club where its members can find a place to achieve mutual support. The Club encourages self-reliance and eventual independence from the mental health system by encouraging its members to use their collective strengths to advocate for responsible changes. The mission of the Together Place Social Club is based on the philosophy that mental health/developmental disability consumers have the right to choice in determining their independence in the community, and opportunities should be provided for them to have and make choices that will lead to their individualized and group empowerment. Employment Connections: We help you find vocational interests and prepare resumes; compiling your work history and experience, help you explore career options, help you with job development, help you with on/off job site coaching and support for as long as you feel you may need it. We help you work out the problems to obtain ideal employment as well as on the job support. We help you with referrals to Vocational Rehabilitation and Community Support Services. We look for innovative ways to help you with training and help you set a goal for life work. Community Connections: Adults over the age of 18-who...Receive mental health services-who...Live in Maine. HOW? Complete an application. WHAT? Information on events, Leisure planning and support, Financial assistance for activities, Discounts to movies, museums,concerts, plays, enrichment classes, sporting events, bowling, etc., Provide outreach, education, and recruitment to volunteers and members, Obtain local support through fund-raising, discounts, & donations, Assist members to learn how to meet their own recreational needs independent of subsidized support Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen: We are a Hunger Task Force! We strive to serve the community by extending a helping hand and providing food, support, and additional resource opportunities for those facing circumstances beyond their control, to help maintain their survival and dignity. We prepare all meals fresh and home made and work with the resources we have on hand to provide a filling delicious hot meal. Many staff and volunteer hours go into food prep, cooking and cleaning to make these meals happen. Neither the Food Pantry nor the Soup Kitchen would exist if not for the assistance of consistent Volunteers! Together Place Housing: Together Place Housing is a Bangor-based, 11 unit housing co-operative run by and for the low income adult mental health consumers who live in it. Together Place Housing is independent of Maine Mental Health Connections Inc., who provides Administrative Support. Why join a Housing Co-Operative? Greater Independence, Work with your Peers to Control your own Housing, Affordable- (30% of your Income), Well Maintained by a professional property management company, Safe, Permanent. Helping Hands Thrift Shop: We opened our thrift store with two purposes in mind; one being to try to fulfill the needs of clothing & shoes for people that have shortages in that area, and two; all of the funds raised are restricted to the purchase of food for our food pantry/soup kitchen. We are trying as many ways as possible of being self sustaining as resources are very limited and we have so many shortages. We welcome all donations of clothing, cook ware, household items, non food items, etc.
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