Lucy's Love Bus



The mission of Lucy’s Love Bus™ is to deliver comfort and quality of life to pediatric cancer patients by providing funds for free integrative therapies, and to engage young people in activism and philanthropy through our Lucy's LoveSquad™ program. This mission is achieved through our three programs: 1. Lucy's Children™ Integrative Therapies program, which offers funding on an individual basis to children with cancer for integrative therapies in their home, at the hospital, or on hospice. 2. The Healing Room™ program, which offers integrative therapies in 3 New England hospitals. Music therapy and massage are offered at Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, and both yoga and music therapy are offered at Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland as well as University of Vermont Children's Hospital in Burlington. 3. Lucy's LoveSquad™ (grades 4 through 12) encourages children to #LiveLikeLucy and proves that young people are capable of making a BIG difference! Our programs are designed to work in conjunction with Common Core curriculae in the nation's public and private schools, and is easily adaptable for all ages.
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