Homestead Inn Sober Living



Homestead Inn has a distinct and unique vision that other sober living facilities cannot match. At the Homestead Inn, every male in the community is far more than simply a resident, and the facility is not simply a place for each resident to dwell. The reason is to us the Homestead Inn is most importantly the place they call home, and where they first regain that sense of having true family again after all the time that substance misuse had robbed them of their connection with others. At the Homestead Inn, the residents are able to attend weekly groups run by staff members on mindfulness practices, accountability, meditation, 12-step Big Book meetings, mixed martial art classes, and offer 24-hour support to meet the needs of any client in early recovery. It is the staff’s caring nature, as well as their experience in long-term recovery through the 12-Steps, which makes them beacons of hope to those in early addiction and ensures these men who are in the program integrate successfully back into society, the workforce, and live a life of hopefulness and helpfulness in their recovery lives. Here at Homestead Inn we are on the cusp of leading industry trends to ensure each client receives the best services that can be offered, as well as all the sober support they could ever desire. We are affiliated with many local hospitals, detoxes and inpatient rehabs whose continuing referrals of their clients to us exemplify the top-notch program we run. These relationships with the community, and the success stories of past clients, who have become important and influential examples in the community while living a successful, prosperous, and happy lives in recovery, without a doubt prove the effectiveness of our program and exemplify further the need of our program for those in early recovery to meet their needs and long-term goals.
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