Challenged Champions Equestrian Center



At Challenged Champions Equestrian Center, we serve veterans and individuals with special needs through therapeutic horseback riding.  In 2015 our center served over 350 participants and it took an entire community of volunteers to make our program a success.  Our participants ride in sessions throughout the year, during each session each participant rides in a one hour lesson once a week.  Because many of our participants require assistance to partake in our program, we need the help of dedicated community volunteers.  There are two primary positions that volunteers can apply for.  Horse leader is one of the positions that trained volunteers will work in.  The horse leader's job is to lead and guide the horse throughout the class. Another position that volunteers can apply for are side walkers.  These individuals walk directly next to the riders legs during the lesson and assist with their balance, exercises while mounted, reiterate directions given by the instructor during class.  This is such a fun program, the riders even get to play games while on horseback.
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