Lion Conservation Fund



Lions once roamed much of the African continent, but recent studies suggest that lion populations may have decreased nearly 90% in just one past decade, with fewer than 20,000 remaining in just a handful of countries.

The Lion Conservation Fund (LCF) is committed to supporting conservation and research initiatives to better understand lion behavior, ecology, and biology. We are also working to protect the habitats of these magnificent animals while improving the lives of people sharing habitat with lions in Africa.

LCF works to protect African lions and their habitat through its conservation initiatives, including:

Lion poaching and retribution killing officers Conservation education programs Scientific research on lions, other carnivores, and prey species Habitat restoration projects Biodiversity assessment and conservation Wildlife corridors and reserves Emergency Humanitarian Relief through KARE Rural poverty programs: employment, new schools, rural clinics

LCF brings governments, scientists and local communities together, working in collaboration at all levels to reach our goals of sustainability and restoration. Is an integrated program of research, public awareness and education, local capacity building, ecological restoration, and habitat management and restoration. Through our partners, we engage local people and set them up for success. At LCF, we don't arrive as experts: we arrive as partners.

Mission: Dedicated to the research and conservation of African lions and to improving the lives of people who live with wildlife.
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