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Trekkers, Inc.



Trekkers connects young people with caring adults through the use of expeditionary learning, community service and adventure-based education. Our program model is designed to turn students on to learning by first turning them on to life.  With multifaceted grade-specific programs, we provide a variety of "hooks" to inspire young people to show up for their lives. Through a combination of expeditionary learning, outdoors experience, and community service, we work to engage students while simultaneously connecting each one of them with a network of caring adults from the community. These mentoring relationships provide a “safety net” of support as students make the often tumultuous transition from adolescence to adulthood. Trekkers is designed to be a long-term presence in students’ lives from grade to grade and year to year. We follow  and support them as they “graduate” from one program into the next along a six year journey that starts when they are in 7th grade and continues until they graduate. We begin working with and creating a relationship with students before the challenges of adolescence arise. Through the use of travel, self-directed learning, authentic experience, and learning communities, we help focus them on the future and ignite personal change.  
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