Veterinarians devote their lives to preserving and improving the health and wellness of animals, yet all too often, there is a neglect of their own health and wellness. Vet students sit for long hours in the classroom only to go home to more of the same as the studying seems to never end. Little time is available in the schedule for meal planning and preparation which often causes a turn to unhealthy foods because they are deemed convenient. The same is true of practicing veterinarians as they spend long hours in the clinic or out at the farm and dont have time for exercise or healthy meals. Most importantly, there is a very large proportion of those in the field of veterinary medicine that experience depression and neglect our most important aspect of health: that of the mind. Stress and anxiety weigh heavily on individuals from compassion fatigue, personal relationships, and long work hours. While the AVMA has promoted their vet med united campaign, other entities such as Zoetis have utilized social media to emphasize the need for balance in the life of a veterinarian. As we are the future of the career, we must be the starting point for change in this atmosphere of stress, depression, and disregard for physical health. The Class of 2019 at MSU CVM is excited to introduce the fitVet program to help lead the way in making change. This project is devoted to the promotion of fitness and wellness throughout the veterinary community, especially in vet students.
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