USA Havoyocos vision is streamlined, with a focus on public health education. Our audience, however, includes all minority families in Central Ohio, regardless of origin. To that aim, Havoyoco teaching First Aid and CPR classes and hosts an increasing number of workshops and presentations. Future plans include a series of workshops to help local families create healthier homes and additional outreach to expand our audience and impact. VISION: To alleviate poverty and improve the well-being of members of the community through sustainable development. MISSION: To address primarily the needs of the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and help fight against health disparities through education and community empowerment. CORE VALUES: * Demonstrate integrity, commitment, transparency, and accountability* Respect community norms and culture* Maintain good working relationships with stakeholders through participation, cooperation, collaboration, teamwork and communication* Respect for national and international laws and rules* Accountability WHO WE SERVE: We serve the underrepresented minority groups USA PROGRAMS & SERVICES: Health Education Workshops on the following topics: 1. Chronic diseases 2. Injury and violence prevention 3. Nutrition and obesity prevention 4. Physical activity 5. CPR and First Aid Training classes HAVOYOCO USA 2012-2016 GOALS: 1. Increase the quality, availability, and effectiveness of educational and community-based programs designed to improve health, prevent disease and injury, and enhance quality of life. 2. Conduct five Health Education workshops every year to reduce the health disparities in minority groups 3. Conduct 600 CPR and First Aid training classes every year 4. Collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, government agencies and international agencies.
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