Big Brothers Big Sisters of SWVA



This program matches adults with children in a structured setting for one hour per week. It is supported by many local businesses and embraced by the area schools as a positive experience for their students. Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest, largest, and most successful mentoring program in the United States. It has been proven time and time again that the involvement of a positive adult role model in a childs life greatly increases the childs self-esteem and improves academic and behavioral performances. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has stories to prove the success of school/site-based mentoring programs in communities across the country. We know that students benefit from the individual attention provided by carefully screened mentors. Each mentor meets with his/her mentee one hour per week during the school year to provide support, encouragement, and a positive role model. Mentors should not be viewed primarily as tutors, although some might serve in this capacity. Some of the many activities mentors enjoy with their mentees include working with them on reading, playing an educational board game, shooting baskets, eating lunch together, or talking together. The main purpose is to meet the needs of children within a school/site setting.
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