Centro Hispano Resource Center



We envision our community as a place where Latinos are welcome as valued partners contributing to our success. We are committed to the idea that everybody in our community has importance and seek to give a voice to those who often remain silent. Our mission can be broken down into 3 main elements:

The Centro Hispano Resource Center effectively builds the community's capacity to meet health, educational and social service needs of Latino families while cultivating cultural understanding and honoring traditions. Centro Hispano Resource Center was started in the fall of 2006 to address the needs of Lawrence's growing Hispanic population. Located at the corner of 13th and Kentucky next to St. John's church, Centro Hispano helps to bridge the gap between people's needs and the available community resources by providing translation and interpreting services, and empowering people by making them aware of what is available in their community and how they can best utilize their resources. As a drop in center, we encourage clients to come in, or call in advance to make an appointment. While we turn no person away, and serve people of a large variety of ages and backgrounds, our special focus is on the needs of young children and mothers.
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