The Clubhouse



The San Antonio Clubhouse is an independent nonprofit organization that serves individuals diagnosed with mental illness.  The Clubhouse's innovative approach to mental health recovery focuses on strengths rather than perceived weaknesses; "what is right"  rather than "what is wrong" with someone.  In this kind and compassionate environment, Clubhouse members are encouraged to fully and actively participate in their own lives and the Clubhouse governance through meaningful Clubhouse work.  In addition, developing positive, collegial relationships through collaborative dialogue in lieu of established hierarchies promotes a milieu founded on dignity and respect.  Utilizing an evidence-based, recovery-oriented, holistic approach to mental health, the Clubhouse offers an in-house wellness center, a garden-to-table program, and a 3-pronged approach to securing employment in the community.  The Clubhouse environmment is ideal for furthering the recovery efforts of individuals diagnosed with mental illness.
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