Imagine if there was no significant activity in your life for many months? Almost 50 million people with Alzheimers live like that for many years.They progressively lose their cognitive and physical skills, become more and more passive and live dependent on their family members. Family members want to be with them all the time but it is hard because they need to juggle many other responsibilities in their personal lives too. We did our homework and came up with something in between Amazons Echo and Nintendos Wii. We call it Activity Companion Robot, ACRO. ACRO helps family caregivers motivate their loved ones stay more active. While there is no proven cure for Alzheimers yet, staying active guarantees a healthier and more independent life. We decided to help family caregivers provide that support and joined the fight with Alzheimers. If you are looking for an opportunity to tackle humanitys biggest challenges using exponential technologies, if you are familiar with the words fuzzy, blurry, foggy, off-road, startup, if you want to lead, build, serve, and repeat, we have a spot for you.
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