Authentic Renovation Ministries, Inc.



Authentic Renovation Ministries was formed for multiple purposes:o We are a ministry designed to form teams that utilize local church volunteers to oversee home renovations or repairs for families who own their own homes, but financially are unable to maintain them. The need for wheel chair ramps and other home modifications for the physically impaired has also become a significant part of our ministry.o We network churches, ministries and social agencies with: church volunteers, skilled trades and local construction suppliers to present an Authentic view of Jesus Christ.o We put together team efforts to renovate not only homes but issues that may be destroying the families that live in them. This can range from simple issues such as budgeting to complex such as substance or sexual abuse recovery.o We meet physical needs in order to address spiritual issues. Our desire is to help each family develop a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ and become part of a local church.o We fund and coordinate local community projects and grow from few to many as we work together in unity, changing our communities, one family at a time.
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