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UA Recycling Initiative



The purpose of this initiative is to provide the foundation for the development and implementation of an integrated recycling initiative for the University of Alabama community. By following the recycling initiative, the campus community can at once attain the most efficient recycling plan, as well as play a leadership role as an example of wise environmental stewardship for local communities in the state. Goals & Objectives: To enhance the existing recycling efforts of the University of Alabama To develop and implement an extensive education campaign to educate the students, faculty, staff and fans of The University of Alabama on the proper ways to recycle, on what to recycle, and how to recycle. Separate education campaigns will be launched with each phase of the comprehensive recycling program using a basic slogan and logo: Your Earth, Your Campus You make the difference. To provide easy to use, convenient recycling receptacles for students, faculty and staff in residential halls, administrative and academic buildings, around campus grounds and in at all athletic events.