Caring Hands Ministries



Volunteers - Help with special events (honor roll caring, make difference for other people, camp for kids, craft show or sale, outdoor day in summer and veterans food boxes, working with people in groups). Working with scared younger teens to show someone loves them ( lot of kids are from poverty areas). Seasonal sorting clothes, moving bags of clothes. Clerical, web research, help with Community Christmas Dinner (in White County) , help with food collection, fundraising, phone calls. We can also offer 1-2 unpaid internships if desired for which a commitment or at least 10 hours a month for 3-6 months is needed, one of these would be a general internship and the other could focus on grant application writing. Flexible depending on project. Some things like Internet research on funding can be done from home or school library. Some phone calling can be done from home or from our office after brief training.
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