Eagle Eye Institute



Eagle Eye Institute (EEI) is committed to diversity so that more people can be involved in the conservation of our natural resources. EEI connects youth organizations, natural sites, and natural resource professionals in a partnership to provide its proven programs to urban youth who traditionally do not have access to the outdoors. These programs build awareness, develop responsibility, and cultivate leadership in urban youth. The "Learn About" programs provide urban youth with hands-on activities to stimulate their awareness and natural curiosity, to motivate them to learn and do more, to provide knowledge of the effects of human actions on the natural world, to teach them responsibility for their own actions, and to help build their confidence to pursue their interests further. The career-bridging programs introduce urban youth to potential careers in natural resource fields. Natural resource and environmental professionals volunteer to instruct EEI programs. EEI trains these instructors to work effectively with youth from different ethnic groups and cultures. Thanks to the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations, government grant programs, and many volunteers, EEI provides all programs free of charge.

Mission: To provide access to hands-on exploratory learning on environmental topics and career bridging to natural resource fields for urban people with an emphasis on underserved youth.
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