Phoenix Home Care and Hospice



The story of the legend of the phoenix bird is a story of ever-changing growth and rebirth. The beautiful mythical creature reflected the lights and colors of the morning sunrise – – always chasing the light and capturing all that was beautiful. It is a symbol of constant rebirth, renewal and fresh starts. It is not a story of ashes but rather of beauty and upward thinking…(Isaiah 61:3). Our energy is focused on improving quality of life, perpetuating positive attitudes and embracing the challenges life places before us with grace, respect and compassion. Our catalyst to consistently rise to new heights is a combination of perpetual learning, measurement of success, looking through the eyes of those we serve and listening with the heart which causes us to pause and discover what is really important in each situation. Within the listening and the application of learning we find new beginnings. …We are Phoenix Home Care

Phoenix Home Care and Hospice offers the full continuum of care through in-home services, private duty care, PDN, home health, and hospice services.
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