Niles Home For Children



Residential Treatment:  Provides a 24/7 safe, caring and nurturing environment for children removed from their homes by the State as a result of substantiated child maltreatment issues, primarily child abuse and neglect. Up to 32 children at any one time can be served by the program. The average length of stay in the program is 9 months. However, some children stay up to 2 years. Children receive comprehensive services and supports that are engaging and culturally attuned. The goal is to help facilitate the healing process and prepare the children emotionally and psychologically to return home or move to a less restrictive environment (foster home, adoption, group home). Clients receive psychiatric services and individual, family and group therapy. Nursing services are provided by an on-site RN level nurse. All clinicians are Doctorate and/or Master’s level therapists. Trained Residential Technicians provide solid support and consistency on a daily basis. Life-skills and job preparation training, cultural programming, artistic expression opportunities, and structured sport and recreational activities are also provided. 

Niles Home for Children (Niles Home) is a Kansas City, Missouri non-profit, tax exempt organization with active 501(c)(3) status. Niles Home provides intensive youth and family support services primarily through four accredited core programs: Residential Treatment, Day Treatment (Niles Prep), Case-management, and Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention.
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