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We bring understanding, raise awareness, and eliminate the fear of colon cancer. Our grassroots efforts to drive early intervention and detection of colon cancer on a national level are collaborative at heart; we know change comes as we partner with others to connect people to resources that help them live strong and healthy lives. What started as one women’s reaction to the loss of her sister to this largely preventable disease, has become a nationwide movement. By championing education, awareness and early screening of colon cancer, we hope to prevent many other lives from being cut short by this misunderstood disease. As a proud member of the National Colorectal Cancer Round Table we were proud to be one of the first organizations to sign the 80% by 2018 pledge. The goal? To raise the national colorectal cancer screening rate to 80% by the year 2018 and save hundreds of thousands of lives in the process.

Promote prevention and early detection of colon cancer, provide support to those affected, and raise money through various events for screening and education programs and awareness campaigns in the Kansas City area.
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