Amethyst Place



Amethyst Place serves 50-60 families and over 100 children each year. Our typical client is 30 years old, raising 2 children under 7 years old, with no more than a high school education, living on less than $10,000 per year. She was probably in foster care and/or was a runaway as a youth, and she grew up in a family with a history of drug and alcohol addiction. Most of the women as well as many of their children have suffered significant trauma prior to their residency here:  90% of our clients are dually diagnosed with substance abuse and a severe mental illness and 70% of the children have a history of foster care or other placement not with their mother. Women with a history of work in sex trafficking, as well as women recently released from prison or on probation make up a significant percentage of our population.

Amethyst Place is built on the belief that recovery is a life-long process of healing and re-orienting the physiological, neurological, psychological, behavioral, social, and spiritual areas of life. A mother who grew up without positive role models, is surrounded by social disadvantage, and is overwhelmed by a chaotic home life, has diminished capacity to care for her children. Women in recovery must build new skills to achieve permanent sobriety and independent living.
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