Literacy For All, Inc.



The Mission of Literacy For All, Inc. is Redefining, Reshaping and Rethinking literacy through one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, and literacy instruction so adults, children and families can reach their highest potential. Students enrolled in Literacy For All will: •Understand and embrace their learning style •Learn advanced reading comprehension, persuasive writing, technology, content area and math skills to succeed in a college, an occupational certificate, a technical degree or other postsecondary degree program •Learn higher level literacy skills to make their best health, financial and employment decisions. •Learn skills to immediately apply for a job or career. •Learn competitive literacy skills. •Be able to independently apply successful literacy skills to make higher level health, financial and employment decisions. •Gain the self-confidence to achieve highest possible goals. •Be able to meet community goals based on their improved literacy goals. Literacy For All's vision is "Everyone will comprehend, interpret and organize information effectively."

Literacy For All, Inc. achieves our mission through providing literacy services through Texting, FaceTime, Skype, Email, Twitter or any mobile device invented in the last ten minutes! Our signature program is College STILL Achievable as we help adults gain the advanced literacy skills to attend college or an occupational certificate program. We also have health, employment and financial literacy programs. Our programs are designed to help high level literacy students who need to gain the competitive literacy skills to fulfill their highest potential.