LifeStriders Therapeutic Riding Center



LifeStriders Provides: Therapeutic Riding Services that incorporate physical therapy and or elements of cognitive behavior therapy to children adults and seniors with disabilities. Therapeutic Riding classes are offered year round. Social Skills Program- These fun and interactive groups are designed for children ages 5-18 with challenges in the area of social-communication that affects the quality of their interpersonal relationships. The goals of the groups include increasing social awareness, understanding others peoples' perspectives, and understanding the impact of their own behavior on the impressions that other people form of them. It is a fun class for kids to learn the skills they need in building social connections. LifeStriders social skills classes will be held in a small group setting with individualized activities. Classes are held on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

LifeStriders is a non-profit organization that provides life-enhancing, physical and psychological experiences and services to individuals with special needs in addition to family support services. Through Equine-Assisted Therapy that incorporates elements of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and other modalities, children and adults can experience the beneficial physical and mental benefits achieved through the human-horse connection. In addition to the therapeutic riding program, LifeStriders has a youth program, offers family support/counseling services and social skills training.