Kyle's Korner, Inc.



Our mission is to provide grief support programs and services for children, teens and their families who have experienced the death of a loved one. We do this through peer support groups in the safe and nurturing environment of our home, and through grief education and training services for schools, businesses and other community organizations. We help grieving families learn lifetime coping strategies so they can: Reach their potential; Rebuild and reconnect as a family; Enjoy healthy, productive lives; Make positive contributions to their community.

Kyle's Korner provides support groups in an innovative approach to non-pathological grief involving expression through play, art and sharing. The center's design includes specific rooms dedicated to certain play activities: a doll and toy room for small children to act out their feelings, an art room for creative displays, and an activity room for teenagers to interact and share. Children and teens come to bi-weekly sessions from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on their age. During the children and teen's sessions, the parents or guardians meet in separate groups to discuss the impact of the loved one's death upon the family and learn how to help their children cope with their grief at home. Through this process, family bonds strengthen and mutual understanding deepens.
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