Interfaith Neighborhood Outreach Program



The Neighborhood Outreach Program began in 1974 in an attempt to help fill gaps in services to older adults living in the community. There are 15 neighborhood office program sites that cover all of Milwaukee County. The neighborhood outreach programs are supported by 186 congregations with financial help and volunteers, by individual and business donations, community block grants, and funding from United Way and the Milwaukee County Dept.on Aging. Although services vary in the 15 neighborhoods, the directors who are professionals do assessments of needs, offer counseling on service options, make referrals to other agencies, do case management when appropriate and provide advocacy. Volunteers are matched with older adults (60 and older) to provide transportation, shopping, visiting, simple home chores and other tasks usually done by family and friends. These direct services are provided when assistance is not available elsewhere in the community. Volunteers also serve on neighborhood boards and help in neighborhood offices.

Linking older adults with a caring community. Interfaith Older Adult Programs serves Milwaukee County's older adult population and their caregivers through a variety of programs that are supported by qualified and caring staff as well as dedicated volunteers of all ages.
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