Dominican Center



The Dominican Center works with Amani residents and community partners to build a better future. Since 1995, the Dominican Center has offered adult basic education, support with home repairs, and space for residents to work together to solve problems affecting Milwaukee’s Amani neighborhood.

The Dominican Center serves as a trusted partner to the residents of the Amani neighborhood as they work through personal and community transformation to improve the overall collective efficacy of the community. In Blueprints for Disaster, D. Bradford Hunt describes collective efficacy as “the ability of neighbors to work together and in cooperation with police to maintain social order and limit crime.” Residents utilize the Dominican Center’s many resources to improve their collective efficacy. These include adult education classes to prepare for formal GED programs or job training, the Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP) which assists low-income homeowners make needed repairs to address code violations, and the Building Neighborhood Capacity Program (BNCP) focused on increasing the organizing and leadership capacity of residents by partnering with the Milwaukee Police Department, Children’s Hospital and area nonprofit organizations. The adult education classes, NIP and BNCP work together to improve the community’s collective efficacy.
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