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Variety - The Children?s Charity of Wisconsin began in 1935 and today our mission is "providing life-enriching assistance to Wisconsin children challenged by physical disabilities." Our vision is that all children, regardless of ability, are able to actively participate in their communities and experience all of the joys that come with being a kid. The Variety Freedom Program provides funding for mobility and other equipment that improves quality of life so that Wisconsin children with physical disabilities can lead as typical a childhood as possible. The aim is to fund items that provide or improve a child's physical well-being, quality of life, community involvement and confidence. Children of varying abilities often require highly-specialized equipment to help them with their daily lives. Many require mobility assistance so they can gain independence in their interactions with family and friends. This program provides the equipment to support such needs. Examples of equipment funded include wheelchairs, walkers, adaptive bicycles, strollers, lifts, ramps, communication devices, gait trainers and more. The Variety Future Program helps Wisconsin children with physical disabilities reach their full potential in life. Experiences in education, culture, sport and community are the cornerstones to develop skills that can lead to that future. Children with physical disabilities often face considerable barriers to these opportunities. Examples of Future Program events include outings to museums, professional sporting events, nature centers, movies, and other fun and educational places. Variety's Chatter Matters! Communication Camp was launched in June 2013 for families of children with physical disabilities who also use an assistive or augmentative communication (AAC) device. Together, families learn to improve their communication in a fun and traditional camp setting.

The Mission of Variety - the Children's Charity of Wisconsin is "Providing life-enriching assistance to Wisconsin children challenged by physical disabilities."
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