St. Joseph's Medical Clinic



St. Joseph?s Medical Clinic (SJMC) provides access to healthcare through direct service and through referrals to providers willing to donate or discount their services. Clients are screened for eligibility, and must go through SJMC for all referrals. There are three main categories of service: -MEDICAL SERVICES: Clients who see a physician at one of our bi-weekly clinics also receive basic lab tests and health education. Conditions that require additional diagnostic tests or ongoing care are referred to a primary care doctor and/or a specialist in SJMC?s network. Care coordination also includes patient education and consultation, charting diagnostic results, setting up referrals, and handling administrative procedures. -MEDICATION ASSISTANCE: Sample medications, co-pays, and emergency assistance programs help clients obtain medications. SJMC dispensed over 897 medications in 2008, and paid for 837 prescriptions. -HEALTHCARE INSURANCE ELIGIBILITY DETERMINATION: Our clinic provides access to assistance to determine if you may be eligible for the marketplace insurance.

St. Joseph's Medical Clinic's (SJMC) mission is to support the health of people who are uninsured and low-income. We serve residents of Waukesha County and people who work or attend schools of higher education in Waukesha and are unable to pay for their healthcare. SJMC accomplishes this by providing access to free or discounted medical care, medications, and related support services. SJMC makes use of the following community resources: -a network of over 100 healthcare volunteers who serve clients at on-site clinics or in their offices -partnerships with more than 24 clinics, hospitals, and community agencies -public funds and private donations -a core staff of administrators and healthcare professionals
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