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Riverworks Development Corporation



The Riverworks Development Corporation previously named the Northeast Milwaukee Industrial Development Corporation (NMIDC) was created through a partnership of public and private organizations. RDC was created to assist with the very necessary redevelopment of the east Capitol Drive corridor. For many years the area had been home to many major businesses. When those businesses disinvested or relocated the area began to deteriorate. In an effort to restore economic vitality to the business and residential community, Riverworks was created. Today Riverworks serves local and national businesses and works to retain and attract new businesses to the area thereby ensuring that this area is economically healthy. However, an economically healthy area is an area where the residents are also economically healthy. To that end RDC created the workforce development program with a mission to build the area's workforce through training, education and connection to Riverworks' area employers.

It is Riverworks Development Corporation's (RDC) mission to promote economic prosperity by providing coordinated resources for residents and businesses with emphasis on the Riverworks neighborhoods. Our unique resident-business partnership will grow an expanding business base, a skilled labor force, and thriving families and neighborhoods.
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