Park People Of Milwaukee County



The Park People of Milwaukee County, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strive to enhance and protect Milwaukee County Parks, their resources and facilities; to develop wider public interest in and appreciation of the parks, open space and recreational facilities offered by the park system; to sponsor activities and projects that will enable citizens of all ages, interest and backgrounds to make better use of the county parks; to encourage stewardship and development of individual parks and facilities by groups and individuals; to plan programs for members to acquaint them with the parks and their potential uses; and to accept and expend gifts of real or personal property exclusively for the benefit of the Milwaukee County Park System.

This program is a volunteer solicitation initiative designed to significantly reduce the proliferation of invasive plant species that are denigrating the beauty of natural areas in our parks.  Over the last year the Park People (PP) has solicited over 703 volunteers to assist in the removal of invasive species such as Garlic Mustard, Dames Rocket, Burdock, Buckthorn and Asian honeysuckle.  Not only do we provide the tools and supplies, but we also educate the public about this severe threat to our park environments.
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