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New Concept Self Development Center has been providng youth and family social services to underserved low-income African American families since 1975. Services to youth...addressing violence; preventing incarceration and/or re-arrest; teen pregnancy and parenting. Services to families...parenting education; life skills development; employment readiness; and GED. New Concept History ? 1975 - 2013 In June 1976, Milwaukee County Parks and Recreation Department developed the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in the heart of the inner-city to address the lack of recreational services available to low-income families. In 1978, New Concept was selected by United Way of Greater Milwaukee to operate the Social Service Department in order to enhance the quality of life for low income residents. This public private partnership is unique in that community residents are provided social services in the non-threatening environment of a Milwaukee County Parks and Recreational Facility. The MLK Social Services Department has been receiving funding from United Way of Greater Milwaukee for 38years. In 1982, New Concept designed the Each One Reach One (EORO) program to provide mentoring services for girls residing in the Hillside Housing Development. Volunteer mentors exposed young girls to a variety of career opportunities and cultural activities. United Way of Greater Milwaukee has funded this program since its inception. In June 1994, New Concept designed the first of its kind "Family Resource Center" to service the needs of men and fathers. The MLK Center was the ideal location to house the center because it has a base of men who frequently visit the center for recreational activities such as boxing, basketball, and weight room. Men and their families utilize the center for employment services, parent education classes and social activities. The center has a kitchenette, library, TV living room area, as well as phones and computers to facilitate a job search. New Concept is a founding member of the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative and is a collaborative partner in the Annual Fatherhood Summit. 2013 PROGRAM AND SERVICES Focused Mission: "To preserve families and protect children while promoting self sufficiency" The current executive leadership includes Vanessa Johnson, Executive Director, Shalon Atkins, Executive Coordinator, and Tawauna Swanigan, Manager of Finance and Operations. A thirteen member volunteer Board of Directors provides strategic direction, corporate governance and management accountability. Youth Services: Mentoring/Life Skills ?  Each One Reach One ? exposes young girls and boys to positive life options. Teen Pregnancy Prevention ? Milwaukee Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Partnership (MAPPP) ? providing pregnancy prevention educational sessions in collaboration with neighborhood schools utilizing the evidence-based curriculum, "Making Proud Choices" and "Wise Guys". Teen Parent Case Management and Educational Services ? In Touch Teen Parents - in home case management and in school educational services for teen parents addressing prevention of secondary pregnancy, child abuse and neglect, and education about healthy birth outcomes. Adult Services: Education/Life Skills ? Employment Resource Center ? providing job readiness & parent education services for men and fathers. ? MLK Social Services ? providing information & referral services and parenting classes. ? Driver's Education Permit - educational classes at the MLK Center designed to help adults obtain their permits; a unique collaboration with the Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Department. ? GED and Adult Education Classes ? collaboration with MATC and MLK Center Healthcare ? Milwaukee Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families ? collaboration formed for the purpose of bringing together individuals, organizations and resources to eliminate racial disparities in infant mortality in Milwaukee by the year 2020.

Mission;"To preserve families and protect children while promoting self sufficiency"
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